LDC is to provide the EXCELLENT STANDARD  of medical imaging practices to OUR PATIENTS.

Delivering the highest quality of reports with complete diagnosis to our referring health care professionals

LDC will satisfy the best expectations of perfect reports with  esteem professionalism.



LDC has assembled senior highly respected well trained professionals in the NHS and performed many tasks of demanding clinical delivery to our patients.

Experience and clinical cutting edge of reporting standard is the core value of this eminent LDC team.



Patients – First

Integrity– Highest

Ethics – Follow the Principles of good medical practice

Professionalism – Peak, Unquestionable standards

Value for Money – Give the best out come.

Respect – With dignity and courtesy

Quality – Best expected .

Performance – With out doubt cutting edge .

Continuity – Follow up every way needed.

Dedication – Committed .

DR M. Aslam . MD, FRCR

Consultant Radiologist
South End University Teaching Hospital

DR. Pragaraju. MD, FRCR

Consultant Radiologist
Princes Alexandra Hospital

DR. Ashok Malhotra, MD, FRCR

Consultant Radiologist
Watford Hospital

Dr. Mukesh . MD

Specialist Radiologist

Dr. Adilez . MD

Specialist Radiologist

MR. Hannington. DMU

Specialist Ultrasonologist

Lorraine West

Operational Director